About Batteriretur®

Batteriretur is an approved recycling company for all categories of batteries. We have three companies organized under the brand name Batteriretur®.

Batteriretur® is structured to meet the requirements for discarded batteries acc.to waste regulations, and since its founding in late autumn 1993 the mission has been fulfilled, year after year after year. In 2006, the EU extended the "Battery Directive" to include all categories.

For us, it has been a logical choice to make use of the same fine-mesh network of collection and pick-up points, to also receive all categories of batteries. Here, we see history repeat itself; 25 year ago, the amount of lead batteries grew rapidly from 9,000 tons to 14-17,000 tons annually, the amount of portable batteries has grown from just over 100 tons to close to 1000 tons using the same network. Our network ensures synergy-profit for both safety and environment!

The way forward

Our job is not done, however, even if the collection requirements in regulations are met. Norway is electrified and in 2014 we established Batteriretur Høyenergi AS to handle the batteries from electric vehicles and the marine sector. We will continue to facilitate the collection of high-energy batteries in collaboration with partners, and that should go without saying when we are so lucky to have this many who want to contribute to successful collection. Several people have raised questions about how much we are able to receive! The answer is that we accept everything we receive, and promising collaborative projects over the years has put us in an international leading position. Enthusiasm and a unique nationwide network of reception and pick-up locations are yielding results. We humbly thank all of our partners and look forward to us walking the path of collection where safety and environment remains in focus. The future is electric!