Batteriretur offer collectors various supplies to make sorting and packaging of disused batteries easier.

Esker til knappeceller

Esker kan bestilles på nettsiden vår. Disse eskene har følgende mål: 20,5x 14×7 cm, og 35×15,5x 21 cm. Den største er UN godkjent for maxvekt 10 kg.

Transportbokser for el-bilbatterier fra Batteriretur/Wellplast

Transportboksen kan brukes som retur emballasje til både nye og brukte mellomstore lithium-ion batterier, den kan også stables og brettes sammen slik at den opptar så lite plass som mulig. Transportboksen er UN-godkjent emballasje. For mer informasjon kontakt

Wellplast boks

Cobat boks for transport av skadde og defekte litium-ion batterier

Ved transport av skadde eller defekte el-bilbatterier er det viktig å tenke på sikkerheten. «Cobat Box Lithium» er utviklet av italienske Cobat og oppfyller kravene til ADR regelverket ved transport av skadde eller defekte el-bilbatterier. «Cobat Box Lithium» har et innebygd filtersystem som fjerner giftige gasser som oppstår ved brann og har plass til et el-bilbatteri på opp til 466,7kg. For mer informasjon kontakt

Cobat boks for transport av skadde eller defekte el-bilbatterier

Storage box for discarded lead-acid batteries

§ 11-5. Responsible storage, etc. of hazardous waste

Hazardous waste must be handled properly. Anyone who stores, transports or handles hazardous waste shall take necessary measures to avoid any risk of contamination or injury to humans or animals.

Hazardous waste cannot be mixed with other types of waste. Different types of hazardous waste cannot be interchanged or mixed, as this could lead to contamination or create problems for further handling of the waste.

Transport box for damaged lead-acid batteries

For the damaged batteries that cannot be made leak-free, pallets should NOT be used, but an approved container. Inner dimensions of the box: 110 x 41 x 71 cm (l x h x d).


These are replacement plugs for acid-filled batteries. They come in three different sizes, small, medium and large.

Pallet cap

The pallet cap is shrunk around the pre-stacked pallets, securing them during transport. Pallet caps are supplied in rolls, and one roll is enough for 50 pallets.


Cardboard discs are used as soft shims between the battery layers, to avoid short circuits when stacking batteries onto the pallets.

Stickers, acid-free

The stickers should be put on damaged, acid-free lead batteries before being packed and shipped to Batteriretur to confirm that there is no danger of acid leakage.

Støtdempende materiale, Vermikulitt

Vermiculite is a mineral that is shock absorbing, has good insulation capacity, conducts heat poorly and is liquid absorbent. Vermiculite comes in 100-liter sacks.


Collection Box

Collection box for disused household batteries. The box is UN approved for packing-group II, up to a maximum of 5kg. It can be placed at retailers who want it, or at similar institutions.

Tape the poles of the batteries before putting them into the box. Full boxes are delivered to the Post office and return shipping is covered by Batteriretur.




UN approved barrels with belted lids for small batteries can be purchased from Batteriretur by contacting us. The barrels hold 220 and 120 liters.

UN approved cardboard box

UN godkjente pappkasser til pakking av litium-/Li-ionbatterier. Kan leveres i to størrelser. Den minste med målene (l x d x h) 58 x 37 x 44 cm og denne kan ta max 75kg, og den største 78 x 58 x 58cm og kan ta max 90kg.

Sorting Posters

The sorting posters can be hung over the different barrels to make the sorting job easier. The posters illustrate the different battery types, what they can be labeled with and what UN number, EAL code and waste material number they have. The sorting posters are available free of charge by contacting Batteriretur.

Lead acid batteries
Lithium and lithium metal batteries, portable
Lithium-ion and lithium polymer batteries
Li-ion el-sykkelbatteri
Nickel cadmium batteries
Nickel metal hydride batteries
Alkaline batteries

Stickers for barrels containing small batteries

The stickers are for sticking onto barrels containing small batteries before being sent to Batteriretur. They are made for the different types of batteries and are marked with the corresponding UN number, EAL code, and waste material number. Weight and date must be applied by the collector / waste owner.

Lead acid batteries
Lithium Batteries
Lithium-ion batteries
Nickel cadmium batteries
Nickel metal hydride batteries
Alkaline batteries
Usorterte småbatterier